High Water!

The rains started before the roosters were awake and it came down hard until midmorning or later. Most of the state highways and county roads south of Anderson were closed due to the rains. The Grimes County Road and Bridge Department received a call about a bridge that was underwater and the concerned citizen was afraid that the bridge had washed away.

When the water finally receded, the bridge was intact but the pavement had been lifted up in sheets and washed off of the limestone base below. We could see two women beyond a section of road that was underwater. As we approached the water over the road there was a large bull standing on a spit of green grass. The bull seemed confused and would not cross the water or the bridge to get out. The water was only a few inches deep so we drove through it to check on the women.

We asked if everything was okay and they said yes but were concerned about how deep the water was as it was quickly receding. We asked about the bull and they said that they had contacted the Sheriff’s Department hours earlier and that they did not recognize the bull from around there. They said it was not there earlier when the bridge was under water and that when they noticed it, it was soaking wet as if it had been swimming. They said that they believe it had come from someone’s ranch upstream, no bull.

Submitted by Bob Cochrane, P.E. (5-11-15)

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