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Cameron County Department of Transportation Engineering Division

CLASSIFICATION TITLE: Assistant County Engineer

Class Code:                                                                                                                Pay Table:
Civil Service Status: Exempt                                                                                    Pay Grade: 131
EEO Category: Supportive                                                                                      FLSA Status: Exempt
Reports to: Chief Engineer Classification Series:

SUMMARY: (State Purpose and general Responsibilities)

This position is responsible for project design, supervision of project drafting, preparation of construction plans and specifications and review of land subdivision plats to ensure compliance with County and State rules and regulations.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: (State the fundamental duties and tasks)

1.     Shall be responsible for the preparation of construction plans and specifications for Public Works Projects.
2.     Shall oversee employee draftsman and drafting work being performed as assigned by the Chief Engineer.
3.     Shall review subdivision plat and construction plans for completeness and to ensure compliance with County requirement and regulations.
4.     Perform inspection activities on county projects that are under construction and as assigned by the Chief Engineer.
5.     Shall attend Public Meetings as assigned by the Chief Engineer.
6.     Shall conduct Pre-Construction Conferences with Contractors that are working on County projects.
7.     Shall oversee County Survey crew work as assigned by the Chief Engineer.
8.     Shall be able to assemble information from other entities for the preparation and drainage studies as assigned by the Chief Engineer.
9.     Shall be able to perform other duties as assigned by the Chief Engineer.


EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: (State the minimum requirements for formal education and job related experience)

Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from an accredited college or university and seven years of public works engineering experience. Good knowledge of public sector administration. Skill in directing and managing professional employees.

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: (As utilized in the performance of the Essential Functions of the job)

Considerable knowledge of principles and practices of civil engineering, good knowledge of public sector administration; considerable knowledge of design and construction methods; considerable knowledge of safety standards and practices. Skill in developing and implementing policies and procedures; skill in managing multiple projects; skill in directing and managing professional employees. Ability to adjust to rapidly fluctuating situations, ability to establish and maintain effective working relationship with co-workers, subordinates, government agencies, Elected/Appointed Officials, media and the general public.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: (Special licenses and other requirements necessary to obtain or retain the position)

Must have a State of Texas Professional Engineering License; required to be on call 24 hours a day and may be required to work more than 40 hours during the work week.

CONTACTS: (Nature of contacts, external relationships, and internal relationship)

External Contacts: Frequent contact with other government agencies, local and community organizations and general public and occasional contact with the news media. Communication is primarily via telephone and through written correspondence.

Internal Contracts: Constant contact with Department Heads and Elected/Appointed Officials and frequent contact with co-workers and the Professional/Managerial staff of the county departments. Communication is primarily face-to-face, via telephone and through written correspondence.

RESPONSIBILITY: (Supervision, accountability, safety, budgeting, spending authority and confidentiality)

Primary supervisory responsibility for hiring, promotions, counseling, discipline, work assignments and training for the department. Job has critical impact on department operations, major impact on County budget and significant impact on public image. Indirectly responsible for the safety of county employees and the general public. Primary responsibility for developing, administering and monitoring department overall budget, approving authority for department expenditures. Responsible for developing, approving and monitoring contracts for the department. Responsibility for authorizing vendor payment for the division.

DIFFICULTY: (Judgment, initiative and decision making)

Independent judgment to interpret County Policy, goals and objectives. Employee uses broad discretion to achieve work goals in regards to project planning and employee work scheduling.

GUIDANCE: (Supervision received and level of independence)

Employee receives general direction when performing the essential engineering functions under the direct supervision of the Department of Transportation Director.

WORKING CONDITIONS: (Describe working environment and other conditions of employment)

Working conditions are primarily inside an office environment.


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